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Let’s Get Your NYE Party Started!

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New Year’s Eve is a time of hope, rejuvenation and lifted spirits for all. But for venues and event planners it’s also a great business opportunity. Make the most of it with Ticketbooth.

With August behind us and September flying by rapidly, by now you should already be thinking about your plans for this year’s 31/12. As you surely know, everyone and their cousin is out on NYE and looking to paint the town. Throwing a lavish, well thought-out celebration is an excellent way to create awareness for your venue, not to mention the knockout profits you can generate in one single night.

While the exact nature of your NYE party largely depends on your venue’s size, personality and concept, there are a few things any venue should consider before launching its New Year’s blow-out.
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Our New Dashboard Takes Event Ticketing up a Notch

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We’ve given our platform a complete overhaul and now it’s more powerful than ever. Ticketbooth continues its quest to lead the event industry to a brighter and smarter future.

Meet The New Event Ticketing Admin. It’s a Beast

Ticketbooth has had only one mission since the day it was founded: To make event management easier and more efficient, and to provide a solution for event professionals who want to create truly amazing events. We’ve recently taken a major step in that direction with the release of the latest version of our Event Ticketing Dashboard – the platform that ticket sellers will be using to issue, sell and manage their tickets.

Ticketbooth - Event Ticketing Admin

Here are just some of the innovative features that are convincing more and more Australian event professionals to entrust Ticketbooth with their online ticket sales: Read More


5 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Event

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If your events are under-performing, it’s time to think about what you’re doing wrong.

Professional event management is a tricky business – you never know with any amount of certainty what’s going to work and what isn’t. You might spend weeks and months working on a gig only to end up with half your tickets heartbreakingly unsold. To some extent this is unavoidable. If there was a way that’s 100% guaranteed to succeed, 100% of event organisers would have retired to Aruba by now. The current economic climate is also a problem: people have less money in their pockets, and none but the most die-hard fans assign the same level of importance to festival tickets as they do to milk and mortgage payments. Read More


Ticketbooth CTO Explains the Challenges of High-Demand Events

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High demand festivals are one of the hardest problems the online industry faces – we had a quick chat with our Chief Technology Officer on why these events are problematic and how Ticketbooth faces this challenge.

Summer is coming and with it comes the start of high season for festivals and other outdoor events. Many of these are highly sought out affairs with masses of excited fans anxious to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale.

With more boutique festivals on sale than ever before it’s important that your ticket sales go off without a hitch, lately we’ve heard of more than one high-demand festival in which other web-based ticketing platforms caused some frustrating hiccups. We asked our Chief Technology Officer Matthew James why these types of blunders occur and what Ticketbooth does to prevent them.
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5 Reasons Why Mailing Your Tickets Still Makes Sense

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While the organisers of this year’s Return to Rio music festival have kept their operation shrouded in secrecy, here’s some red-hot insider information for your ears only: for ticketing purposes Rio will be enjoying the services of Ticketbooth, and will be sending out tickets via mail order.

This last bit might raise some brows. Why, you might ask, would anyone still send posted tickets in this day and age? Isn’t it much simpler sending e-tickets by email or text message and having the attendees print them out themselves at home?

Well there must be some reason to it if leading music festivals such as Return to Rio, The Gum Ball and Leeuwin Estate (all of which, we are pleased to say, have partnered with Ticketbooth this year) have all chosen this method for delivering their tickets. So what could be the reason?
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3 Reasons to Schedule Your Facebook Posts

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Facebook’s ability to schedule posts to be published at a later time of your choice can come to your benefit when promoting an event.

Like all event organisers, you’re busy, and even more so in the hectic days leading to this year’s festival season. Minimising time spent on social media is essential in order to successfully manage other important tasks in your day. Scheduling your Facebook posts can be an effective solution for those of us who can’t afford a digital marketing team managing our Facebook pages 24/7. Read More

Stop Fearing the Ticket Reseller

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As an event organiser, it’s not uncommon for you to come across indecisive buyers. This can often lead to the resale of tickets if attendees choose not to go to an event – whether it be to a change of heart or some contingency that appears. While this can be a negative thing if your hard copy tickets find their way into the hands of scalpers, it can actually generate additional income for you, if you charge for a buyer name change. Of course to do so your ticketing system must support this option.. Read More


Social Rewards – Viral Ticketing

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We all like to be rewarded. Whether it’s buying consistently at a local supermarket, or accumulating frequent flyer points from an exhausted credit card – the rewards makes it all seem worth it.

Ticketbooth is bringing you good news about online ticketing. Our social rewards program offers the very best prize of all – the promise of selling out. By offering incentives for sharing, tweeting and liking your events on social networks, your event is guaranteed to reach bigger audiences than ever before. Read More

Mobile Ticketing – For Tickets Anywhere, Anytime.

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At Ticketbooth we’re constantly looking for new ways for event organisers to sell tickets. With people using their phone to check Facebook, Skype and pay bills its make sense to use them to purchase tickets to their favourite events. The problem is most online ticketing platforms aren’t built for mobile phones, until now.

With a blazingly fast load time and clear and easy to use format, customers can easily purchase tickets in seconds. After a first glance at the necessary details, customers can scroll through the content (videos, music players, photos, event details, etc.) on your customised page.
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Ticketbooth Anti-Scalper System Goes Live

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Ticketbooth keeps online ticketing fair with our new sophisticated anti-scalper system, extremely powerful while remaining simple for fans, sellers and admissions staff.

Scalping is not illegal in Australia as of yet, and too often are popular events plagued by scalpers purchasing dozens of tickets and selling them at extremely inflated prices, sometimes as much as 400% higher than the original price. While selling the event out in record time helps organisers, widespread scalping can ultimately hurt the fans as well as lead negative elements to lounge around the vicinity of the venue and deter honest customers. Read More